Olive oil as a great natural make-up remover / 最佳天然卸妝產品:橄欖油

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A 1-liter glass bottle and bowl Bertolli brand...

Cleaning is an important part of our skin care regime, and if you have make-up on you will need to remove them with specializing products. The commercial make-up removers sold at pharmacies or local supermarkets aren’t expensive, but you can still save money by resorting in your very own kitchen: Extra Virgin Olive Oil!!

I found this out from a friend and experimented myself, and I haven’t used any other commercial make-up remover for about a year now (well, except for make-up removing wipes during travel for convenience :P) This liquid gold not only benefits our health by consuming with food, it is also a fantastic make-up remover. Worried about oily residue after the wash? No problem, I will show you a way to avoid it without drying out your skin at the same time 😉

Get 1 cotton pad ready and set it aside. Without wetting your face and hands, pour about 1 teaspoon of EVOO in your palm, rub it with both hands and run them over on your face as if you were cleansing with your regular facial cleanser. Massage for a couple of seconds or until you feel the oil has totally covered your face, rinse with lukewarm water. Before wiping your face clean, you will need to wash your hands with soap. The good thing about using a cotton pad to wipe your face is that it absorbs the oily residue as well as traces of make-up on your face; plus it is deposable so you ‘d save water  and hassle to wash your facial towel!!! Now with your make-up removed, your skin shouldn’t feel tight but somewhat supple and lightly moisturised!!

Just a note, EVOO here works only as a make-up remover or a pre-cleanse method. For me personally, I’d double cleanse with my normal cream cleanser to ensure I also wash away dirt and potential contaminating substances in the air I encounter when I go out.

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這妙方是從我朋友哪裡得知的,並在親自體業過後有差不多一年的時間我就沒有再用外面販賣的現成卸妝產品(除了出去旅遊會用現成的卸妝棉以外,因為攜帶方便嘛~嘿嘿!)。這液體黃金不僅在食用上對我們人體有益,在護膚保養方面它也是個非常好用的天然卸妝產品喔!擔心洗完臉還是會油油的嗎?沒問題!我有辦法教你怎麼迴避這困擾,同時也不會讓你洗完臉時令皮膚覺得緊繃 🙂

先準備一片化妝棉片放旁備用。不需要用清水將臉部打濕,直接在手上倒約 1 茶匙的橄欖油,雙手稍微搓揉後直接向平時洗臉那樣按摩臉部。等到你覺得油都佈滿你想洗的地方時用溫水沖洗即可;使用棉片時我建議手先用肥皂洗淨。用棉片代替毛巾擦臉的好處是棉片不僅可以同時吸收殘留的油脂和彩妝,也節省接下來要洗滌毛巾的麻煩,同時也省水哟!用橄欖油卸妝後,妳的臉部應該感覺柔軟而不緊繃,外加小小的滋潤感喔~


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The acupuncture point for autumn: Taichong / 秋天的專用穴位:太沖

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March marks the begging of autumn in New Zealand. It is a cooler climate where the sky is extremely blue and the warm sun shining above that no longer scorching the world. This is certainly my favourite season of the year. Though according to Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), autumn is drying season and such climate can cause excess internal heat in our body. This would impact specific organs such as lung and stomach, which also further affects our skin, nose, throat, respiratory system, metabolism and the immune system. There is a specific term in TCM called “lung heat”, which doesn’t just imply the organ, lung, itself, but also the other organs and body parts I mentioned earlier. In other words, it is everything associated to the activity and functioning of the lung.

General symptoms of “lung heat” are characterised by drying nose, mouth, tongue, throat and skin, as well as difficulty to breathe easily and dry chest coughs. If you find you are likely to suffer these symptoms, especially in autumn, then it is possible you have excessive internal heat in your body. In order to reduce the heat in your body, try a self-acupuncture massage with just one acupuncture point: Taichong! It is located about 1.5 cm above the gash between the big toe and the second toe, on both feet. When you place your finger on this point you will feel a slight cavity under the skin, and if you feel soreness and pain when pressing it with a bit of pressure, that means you have a lot of heat more than you need and you are required to massage this point more.

For optimal result, it is suggested you soak your feet in warm to hot water for about 10 minutes before massaging this point. When you massage, press upward with your thumb from the direction of your toe to your ankle for about 3 minutes. Stay healthy!!!

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最佳按摩手法:在按摩太沖穴前,先用熱水泡腳約10分鐘,然後用大拇指從下向上推揉3分鐘即可。健康在你自己手中,好好把握 🙂

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The unknown damages of crossing legs / 翹腳不為人知的害處

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Everywhere I go I see a lot of ladies sitting with their legs crossed around the knee thinking to themselves that this is the way to be elegant; and I have been accustomed to this manner even since I was a child without realizing the damage it could do. My mom, a Hatha yoga instructor,  has been nagging that sitting like this long term will cause a tilted pelvis, which will cause more pain and suffering if I am giving birth to a child (OK, she is putting her concerns way ahead of the game, but she does have a point!). Though a bad habit is such a difficult thing to drop!!! It just happens unconsciously and yes you may have guessed it, I do have a slightly tilted pelvis at my right hip, which is obvious when I am wearing tighter skirts or pants!! >”<

Though it wasn’t until recently when I come across an image shared on Facebook from the Apple Daily (a Taiwanese press) published in 2004 which fully outlined the drawbacks in detail (please refer to the picture below). Such position not only tilts your pelvis, but it also curves your spines. So if you have frequent back pain and sore waist/lower back yet not sure why, this may be the answer. According to the image, crossinImageg legs also tilts your shoulder and create tension around one side of your shoulder and neck, which makes that area sore. Moreover, it makes your legs go numb due to blood does not circulate properly when the capillaries and nerves are pressed together.

Some sources indicate prolonged sitting with legs crossed contribute to varicose and spider veins, while one even suggests increased cardiovascular risk . Yet there are also articles disputing such theory (and here). Nevertheless, I will still try to remember not to cross my legs in the future, given the previous harmful consequences I talked about above. What about you?

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直到最近我在 Facebook 看Image到網友轉發蘋果日報於2004年的報導圖片而有所警悟,因為裡面很清楚地標示翹腿種種的不好(請看上圖或是此連結)。翹腿這姿勢不僅讓你的骨盆歪斜,也會導致脊椎測彎,也就是裡面所謂的C 型脊椎。因此如果你時常會腰酸背痛也許就是翹腳造成的。根據報導,翹腳也會讓肩膀斜傾,導致一邊的肩膀及脖子肌肉緊繃造成酸痛。此外,也因為翹腳會壓迫微血管以及神經,導致血液流通不順,時常會引發腳麻。




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