The unknown damages of crossing legs / 翹腳不為人知的害處

March 6, 2012 § 5 Comments

Everywhere I go I see a lot of ladies sitting with their legs crossed around the knee thinking to themselves that this is the way to be elegant; and I have been accustomed to this manner even since I was a child without realizing the damage it could do. My mom, a Hatha yoga instructor,  has been nagging that sitting like this long term will cause a tilted pelvis, which will cause more pain and suffering if I am giving birth to a child (OK, she is putting her concerns way ahead of the game, but she does have a point!). Though a bad habit is such a difficult thing to drop!!! It just happens unconsciously and yes you may have guessed it, I do have a slightly tilted pelvis at my right hip, which is obvious when I am wearing tighter skirts or pants!! >”<

Though it wasn’t until recently when I come across an image shared on Facebook from the Apple Daily (a Taiwanese press) published in 2004 which fully outlined the drawbacks in detail (please refer to the picture below). Such position not only tilts your pelvis, but it also curves your spines. So if you have frequent back pain and sore waist/lower back yet not sure why, this may be the answer. According to the image, crossinImageg legs also tilts your shoulder and create tension around one side of your shoulder and neck, which makes that area sore. Moreover, it makes your legs go numb due to blood does not circulate properly when the capillaries and nerves are pressed together.

Some sources indicate prolonged sitting with legs crossed contribute to varicose and spider veins, while one even suggests increased cardiovascular risk . Yet there are also articles disputing such theory (and here). Nevertheless, I will still try to remember not to cross my legs in the future, given the previous harmful consequences I talked about above. What about you?

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直到最近我在 Facebook 看Image到網友轉發蘋果日報於2004年的報導圖片而有所警悟,因為裡面很清楚地標示翹腿種種的不好(請看上圖或是此連結)。翹腿這姿勢不僅讓你的骨盆歪斜,也會導致脊椎測彎,也就是裡面所謂的C 型脊椎。因此如果你時常會腰酸背痛也許就是翹腳造成的。根據報導,翹腳也會讓肩膀斜傾,導致一邊的肩膀及脖子肌肉緊繃造成酸痛。此外,也因為翹腳會壓迫微血管以及神經,導致血液流通不順,時常會引發腳麻。




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§ 5 Responses to The unknown damages of crossing legs / 翹腳不為人知的害處

  • madamenyc9 says:


  • Author says:

    I have heard rumblings that crossing ones legs is bad for them in many ways. I never knew these ways. I have been trying to stop but it is a hard habit to break simply because it seems more ‘polite’ and ‘lady like’ to cross them.
    Thanks for the info 🙂

    • Carrie says:

      You are right! It’s a bad habit that we’ve gotten ourselves into, I am also makeing progress and constantly reminding myself not to cross legs when sitting =P I have recently found a way to stop that which also helps shaping the thighs too~ Will blog about it when I finished writing my other projects 😉

  • click here says:

    Cool post . Thanks for, writing on my blog mate. Ill message you some time. I did not know that!

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