The acupuncture point for autumn: Taichong / 秋天的專用穴位:太沖

March 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

March marks the begging of autumn in New Zealand. It is a cooler climate where the sky is extremely blue and the warm sun shining above that no longer scorching the world. This is certainly my favourite season of the year. Though according to Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM), autumn is drying season and such climate can cause excess internal heat in our body. This would impact specific organs such as lung and stomach, which also further affects our skin, nose, throat, respiratory system, metabolism and the immune system. There is a specific term in TCM called “lung heat”, which doesn’t just imply the organ, lung, itself, but also the other organs and body parts I mentioned earlier. In other words, it is everything associated to the activity and functioning of the lung.

General symptoms of “lung heat” are characterised by drying nose, mouth, tongue, throat and skin, as well as difficulty to breathe easily and dry chest coughs. If you find you are likely to suffer these symptoms, especially in autumn, then it is possible you have excessive internal heat in your body. In order to reduce the heat in your body, try a self-acupuncture massage with just one acupuncture point: Taichong! It is located about 1.5 cm above the gash between the big toe and the second toe, on both feet. When you place your finger on this point you will feel a slight cavity under the skin, and if you feel soreness and pain when pressing it with a bit of pressure, that means you have a lot of heat more than you need and you are required to massage this point more.

For optimal result, it is suggested you soak your feet in warm to hot water for about 10 minutes before massaging this point. When you massage, press upward with your thumb from the direction of your toe to your ankle for about 3 minutes. Stay healthy!!!

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最佳按摩手法:在按摩太沖穴前,先用熱水泡腳約10分鐘,然後用大拇指從下向上推揉3分鐘即可。健康在你自己手中,好好把握 🙂

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