We are what we believe to be /相信自己就是肯定自我

May 29, 2012 § 2 Comments

Acknowledge the power of the mind: we are what we believe to be.

I have received a valuable gift from my most recent and also the last training session: a quote from Mahatma Gandhi. This is what he said:

Man often becomes what he believes himself to be.
If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it.
On the contrary, if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.

These words struck me for a while, as they ring very true with me. Ever since childhood I have hold certain core beliefs about myself that are still carried forward to today. Some good, some not so good. And these beliefs have absolutely affected how I am and do things today. These wise words from Gandhi are just another gentle reminder to know what I am worth and keep good faith in myself more!!

I hope they also mean the same to you.

Mohandas K. Gandhi

Mohandas K. Gandhi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)






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Review: Burt’s Bees lip balm series / 評論: Burt’s Bees 唇膏系列

May 24, 2012 § 2 Comments

Taking care of my lips has been a tricky goal to reach. They get dry and chapped fairly easily and I have been struggling to find the perfect lip balm that not only moisturizes my lips, but also soothe and hydrate them underneath. Sometimes I do wonder if it is a mission impossible because I have come across a few that’s making my lips even drier??? Until one day I came across the lip balm series by Burt’s Bee!!

I have been eyeing on them for some time now as they are another brand striving for natural and eco-friendly skincare products, I have heard good reviews about them. Finally the pharmacy close to where I worked had a promotion on them and I knew I just had to try them out, and I am surely happy I did!! They not only moisturize well, they also deeply hydrate the fragile skin and my lips certainly flake less. I simply fell in love with them over the past year.

I started with their Beeswax Lip Balm and oh dear me, it is extremely cooling and tingles a little because of the peppermint content which I had to get used to after a while. Though it is really soothing and moisturizing which keeps the flakes at bay! Yay!! Plus I love its tender sweetness which is mild and not too overpowering. I then moved on to its Honey Lip Balm. This is richer than the one above and it is full of the pleasing honey scent. It does not give me the tingling feeling but it sure protects my lips very well. Very easy to use as it glides smoothly on my dried lips.

Since I bought them as a packet on special, I was really curious what would the Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil feels like!! So I jumped to it without even finishing the honey one (how greedy!!), so I have been using these three interchangeably for quite some time. And oh my word, I think I have found my ideal lip balm at last!! It is slightly greasier than the other two, but the richness gets absorbed very easily and my lips would feel like desert finally received its deserving rain, seriously!! It also gives me a fruity fragrance so absolutely a delight to use!! Pomegranate oil just started being a star ingredient in my skincare range as it provides extra soothing and hydrating effect.  I actually decided using it as my night lip balm, especially before I go to bed.

Each tube would last me about 2 to 3 months, which is pretty reasonable to me~ Since I have been alternating amongst the three, they pretty much lasted over 9 months!! So when it is time to restock, I chose Burt’s Bee again, yet with two different flavours, Nourishing Lip Balm with Mango Butter and Rejuvenating Lip Balm with Açaí Berry. I’d say that the nourishing lip balm is just as rich as and as effective as the honey lip balm, or perhaps sits in between the honey one and the pomegranate one. Personally I feel it did not hydrate as well as it claims to be, and I do find the sugary mango scent a bit overpowering. It’d be great if it is a dessert though LOL The rejuvenating lip balm is just as superb as the replenishing one, and yes it is extremely soothing and sweet, with a lovely berry taste. The balm does not feel as greasy as the pomegranate one so at times I feel like I need to rub it on my lips a bit more so I’d get enough ‘coating’ to protect them. Though I’d say that both the replenishing and the rejuvenating balm are perfect for winter!

Overall, I really like the lip balms from Burt’s Bees as all of them did what I expect them to do, so I am a total convert now. Another bonus I love about them is that they do not leave a weird aftertaste on my cup after I drink water, which some of the lip balms of different brands do, and it is absolutely disgusting!! My favourite is still the replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil, closely followed by the rejuvenating lip balm with açaí berry. And to be honest I will only repurchase these two coz you really only need a few really good lip balms instead of a whole stash right?

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想要好好保養我的嘴唇真的是一項很難達成的目標;因為它們很容易乾裂,所以要找到既保濕又補水的唇膏真的很困難。有些唇膏我是越擦越乾呢!我有時候甚至懷疑這根本是不是不可能的任務啊?直到有一天我遇到了我的救星:FFCC66小蜜蜂爺爺的唇膏系列 。

我其實已經觀察這牌子觀察很久了。他們也是一個提倡以天然以及環保為宗旨的保養品牌,而且我也從很多地方得知他們的口碑很不錯。有一次離我上班很近的一間藥妝店剛好在促銷他們的唇膏,我怎麼能夠錯過這個機會咧?當然就馬上給它們買回家囉~用了之後我就知道我的決定是對的!這牌子的唇膏非常地滋潤又保濕,擦了它們之後我的唇部乾裂的現象也逐漸減少了。過去這一年我基本上就拜倒在它們的石榴裙下了 XD



Pomegranate Fruits. Español: Una granada, frut...

All the natural goodness form pomegranate fruit ~ 淺藏在石榴裡天然優質的精華

每一條唇膏我大概會用 2~3 個月,這對我來說是個合理的使用範圍。既然我是三隻連著用,它們也陪伴我快 10 個月了吧?!在補貨時我當然還是選這牌子囉,不過是另外兩種配方:保濕芒果護唇膏以及巴西莓果性感護唇膏(我其實有點搞不懂為啥台灣一定要多加 “性感” 這兩個字)。對我來說這芒果唇膏和蜂蜜唇膏的滋潤度差不多,或許介於蜂蜜和石榴油唇膏之間吧。個人覺得它不錯用但是沒有像它官網上所說得那麼好… 剛開始用的時候覺得它很香甜,真的有想吃吃看的衝動,但之後覺得這香味有點太濃了(又不是甜點!),如果淡一點會更好。而巴西莓果唇膏跟石榴唇膏一樣地優!非常地滋潤,也帶有莓類的芳香,用起來挺享受的。唯一比較不一樣的是它的觸感沒有石榴唇膏油,所以有時候我得在唇上抹多一點。但是這莓果根石榴這兩支唇膏絕對很適合冬天乾冷的季節使用。

總而言之,我真的超愛小蜜蜂爺爺的唇膏系列,因為它們完成了先前其他唇膏無法達到的使命。另一個好處是這些唇膏也不會在我喝過的杯子上留下奇怪的餘味;我之前有用過幾個會在杯子上留下一股油味,現在想想還真是噁心。我目前最愛的還是石榴保濕滋潤護唇膏,而巴西莓果唇膏排列第二。但說老實話,我如果以後再補貨的話我也可能只會買這兩隻了。對我來說東西一定要用最好的,但是數量不一定要多 😉

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Evil speech is the sharpest sword / 惡口是最銳利的劍

May 17, 2012 § 4 Comments

One day, Buddha was preaching at Jetavana Monastery. Brahmā came down to Earth from Heaven to seek guidance from Buddha.

 “What is the sharpest sword, the most vicious poison, the fiercest fire, and the darkest night?” asked Brahmā.

 Buddha replied, “Evil speech is the sharpest sword, desire is the most vicious poison, afflictions is the fiercest fire, and ignorance is the darkest night”.

Very true and wise words… This teaching allows me to reflect my past, and resonates strongly with my perception of life, which was slowly shaped through the journey of my life…

When one’s speech is harsh and mean, especially when it comes from your beloved ones or people you care so much and have respect for, it hurts more than a stabbing knife. Unlike scratches or bruises, such mental wounds cannot be easily healed or reversed. It seems inevitable to come across people behaving this way, or is it just too easy to express foully in the heat of the moment? At least we can always be the first ones to be cautious when we speak, and not to cause distress towards others. If you have never encountered such a person in your life, you are probably one of the luckiest people in the world.

Desire comes from greed, which seems to be the root of all evil. When we do or could not get what we wanted, we become angry, or we become sad. It is a hole that can never be filled; because we are always looking for things that are better or prettier. We seldom know it, but what follows is the suffering and anguishes of “why can’t I…” or “if only…” etc, when we are not satisfied with what we currently have. Do we even realize how amazingly we could endure such unhappiness since we never stop asking these questions? I must say I highly admire people who are easily contented with their current status. They always seem a lot happier about because they have made the choice not to worry about too much other things.

Upon writing this, I feel greed also sets the basis for afflictions we have today. We are constantly worried about things in our lives, regardless if we have what we wanted or not… We can be happy and content, yet this may be short-lived as we seem to have more capability to dwell on the things that makes us angry or sad rather than staying focused and appreciating on what we already have or achieved. I guess underneath the worrying we brought to ourselves is the fear of not being good enough, or rich enough or pretty enough… What is the point of endless worrying when no one can fully cherish what they have until it is gone? We kept on putting these burdens on ourselves unconsciously that slowly grows into agony and making ourselves rather miserable.

Without acknowledging all of the above, it is as if we were blinded by our own egos that can never be satisfied with oneself. The metaphor of expressing ignorance as the longest dark night is just so right and so powerful. I really couldn’t think of any other ways to put it. However, when there is the night, there also comes the day. I am absolutely grateful to have come across the teachings of Buddha in the early stages of my life, and I do anticipate the day when I become enlightened also.

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貪婪,似乎是萬惡之源,導致欲望。當我們少了什麼或是沒辦法得到什麼時,我們失意、生氣、難過等等。我們不斷地想要得到更多、更好、更美,因此欲望這空洞是永遠也填不滿的。我們很少明白在這空洞帶給我們有多少的苦悶及不滿: “為什麼我不能…?"或者“假如可以…?"也許很少人發現我們忍受這種不滿足的苦有多強,但是我們卻曾未停止問這些問題呀!我必須承認我非常敬佩那些知足常樂的人。正也是因為他們做出了不去奢望太多的緣故,他們比一般人來的要快樂許多。



Use unwanted moisturisers to avoid static electricity on clothing / 用保濕乳液來打擊討厭的靜電!

May 8, 2012 § 8 Comments

Ladies, do you have any unwanted moisturisers, cream, lotions and even gels that you are thinking of throwing into the bin? Don’t! Because they may serve as another useful tip in our life, especially in winter to get rid of static electricity on clothing!

Wearing skirts and stockings can be such a pain because of that. I often feel embarrassed when my skirt is ‘climbing’ up my knees and it’s not a good look that you have to pull down your skirt from time to time, especially when you are walking on the street! People may say why not turn to pants? Well, at times there are occasions where you need to wear a skirt and then you will have to turn to your stockings or leggings to keep you warm.

I have been forwarded an email saying that attach a safety pin at the inner hem of the skirt help preventing static electricity but this only worked about 5 minutes or so and my skirt is tightly attached to my legs again!! A while ago I wore a thicker skirt hoping that the heavier weight would prevent the skirt from climbing up yet this has also proven hopeless. Then I remembered reading something discussing the connection between static electricity and the humidity in the air (and sure enough, I am less bothered by statics on wet days) . Luckily I had an unwanted facial moisturizer in office acting as hand lotion (haha!), so I quickly squeezed a fair amount in my hand, rubbed it straight on my knees and thighs and voila, problem solved!!! And the good news is that it stayed effective for about as long as 4~5 hours!!

You could probably resort this issue to just water yet they evaporate fairly quickly, so the effectiveness did not last as long. But I’d still suggest those who do not have any unwanted moisturisers, why not get an empty spray bottle and fill it with water and carry it with you? This way you’d ensure you have at least something to cope with when the problem occurs, well, temporarily… I’d still favour the moisturisers, yet I will have to say that this may work easier with thinner polyester stockings rather than pantyhose and leggings made with wool or cotton. Less messy when cleaning the garments 😛

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美眉們~ 你們層想過要丟棄已經用不著或是不喜歡的保濕乳液、面霜或是凍膠嗎?千萬不要!!留著它們還有用處呢,好比說用來打擊穿裙子或洋裝時最惹人厭的靜電!!

天氣冷的時候穿裙子又穿褲襪最討厭的就在這裡。每當我的裙子因為靜電而 “往上爬” 的時候都覺得很丟臉,況且在大街上走路還要邊走邊拉裙子真的很不好看!但是在某些場合你不得不穿裙子,而且天氣冷又不得不穿絲襪 >”<

Credit: stylepennies.com

先前我從一封郵件知道了對抗靜電的方法,那就是把安全別針別在裙子內襯的摺邊,這樣可以預防靜電的產生。但沒有用啊!!這方法大約奏效了 5 分鐘之後我的裙子又跟我的絲襪黏在一起了,好討厭啊!!前些天我穿了一件較厚的裙子,還想說可以利用裙子的重量來防止它 “往上爬”,結果我想的太美了… 真是煩到不行!!突然我想到在別的地方讀過靜電與空氣的溼度有關:冬天容易產生靜電是因為空氣比較乾燥,沒有多餘的水分導電(確實!在下雨天穿這樣的組合比較不容易產生靜電)。好在我的辦公室擺著一瓶我用來當手霜的保濕乳液(也是先前覺得不好用的面霜呵~),我趕快擠了一堆塗在我最容易發生靜電的地方:膝蓋!真的是太神了~我之後走路時裙子乖的很,大約有 4、5 個小時都很聽話呢!!

你也可以用水來解決這問題,不過它很快就蒸發了,所以效果應該並沒有預期中的好。如果你真的沒有多餘的乳液的話,其實你也可以拿個空的小噴霧罐,裡頭娤點水隨身帶著走!這樣就可以隨時地 “急救” 囉~ 但我個人還是喜歡用乳液啦!不過我也要註明,用乳液的話適合薄的聚酯纖維絲襪,因為事後比較好清理;至於棉製或毛製的褲襪或緊身褲,或許會比較麻煩喔 ^^”


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We hold the key to our own happiness / 快樂只掌握在自己的手裡

May 4, 2012 § 2 Comments

Thank God it is Friday!! This is the day where I can take things slowly and prepare to enjoy the upcoming weekend 😀 I have had some ups and downs ever since the beginning the of this year but today has been pretty good for me; mostly due to the wise words I have recently been forwarded to. And I feel I’d be really selfish if I do not share this around:

星期五萬歲!!這是我可以開始放慢步調的一天並且好好地準備迎接週末的到來 ^0^ 自今年開始我就已經歷了一些波折,雖說不算太嚴重但也把它們當作是給我的一重歷練吧!但今天目前都過的還算順利,心情也得到了某些啟發與平靜,這都要歸功於近日友人轉發的生活至理名言呢~假如我不在此分享的話那麼我就太過自私了!(原文是英文,而你所看到的中文翻譯是我心境最徹底的呼應): 


  • Make peace with your past so it doesn’t spoil your present.


  •  What others think of you is none of your business.


  • Time heals almost everything, give time some time.


  • No one is the reason of your happiness except you yourself.


  • Don’t compare your life with others, you have no idea what their journey is all about.


  • Stop thinking too much, it is alright not to know all the answers.


  • Smile, you don’t own all the problems in the world.


Shakyamuni Buddha statue at Fo Guang Shan Budd...

I must say I really adore the wisdom of the 2nd and 4th dictums. Both resonate with the teachings of Śākyamuni  Buddha so well and I can totally relate to them!! We are the ones that control our lives; I am the one that controls my life. More candidly, I am the one to decide if I let other people influence my life, my thoughts and my way of doing things. Writing this entry can be very empowering which also reminded me a quote by Venerable Cheng Yen: “To be angry is allowing other’s mistakes to punish you”.  Once again, the key to make yourself happy is only you!!

我必須說第二及第四句實在是讓我超感動的。兩者都與釋迦牟尼佛的教誨呼應,也是另我有感觸最深的。我們是我們自己生活的主宰; 我是我自己人生的主宰。坦白地說,決定誰能影響我的一生及我的言行舉止的也只有我。我在寫這篇網誌時我似乎又找回了自我及活力,同時我也想到的證嚴上人的一句話:「生氣就是拿別人的錯誤來懲罰自己。」再一次,掌握自己的快樂只有你!

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