The Reason / 緣起

My Aspiration: Why do I want to start such a blog?

I must say at times it is not easy for an Asian living in the Western world with cultural differences on so many levels. Different sources and availability of ingredients and culinary disciplines in New Zealand for an Oriental vegetarian; different home remedies, therapies and perspectives towards health under the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as compared with the conventional Western Medicine; and even different healthcare as well as beauty products for Asian skins!!

In the past I have come across loads of information that are relevant to my lifestyle; though reading them with great fascination, most of them are left untouched or wasn’t even kept for future use. What a pity now coming to think of it!!! Life would probably be very different if I expanded my knowledge when I was younger, but oh well, it is never too late to start something now. Thus I would like to keep a blog to make notes of all useful well-being related things I have known, experienced, discovered and would love to try in the future. This would be more like my personal lifestyle encyclopaedia if you like. I must confess I have thought about blogging some while ago yet things just somehow get delayed.

After numerous chats with my colleague in sharing my attitudes in many aspects of life, she suggested that I should start a blog, which was about a year ago. It didn’t really occur to me until now, which I realize I can keep a weblog for my own benefit, as well as the potential in helping the others who are in the similar situation like me!! Mind you, I am not an expert in medicine or a beauty professional, as what I blog will be based on my experience and research only. Yet again, I also hope by sharing what I find useful would also earn me helpful pointers and accumulate valuable knowledge to fields I yet to learn.






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