7 kinds of food to help reduce fat build-up / 七種專「吃」脂肪的食物

April 30, 2012 § 7 Comments

Losing weight is a constant battle for people nowadays not only to stay healthy but also to look fit and beautiful. And the key thing to lose weight is to get rid of that extra bit of fat! And I guess it is sometimes called “war” when we have to sacrifice things we love to eat or go on a special diet (plus exercises too!). However if you eat the right food, you don’t have to be mean to your empty and can still lose weight! I have recently been forwarded an email (in Mandarin) talking about 7 kinds of food that help to reduce fat build-up:

減肥不僅是為了自身的健康,更是要讓身材苗條有型的一種挑戰,對現在的人來說可真是一大戰爭。而減肥最主要的是要減去多餘的脂肪!除了要做適當的運動,均衡的飲食,還得犧牲一堆可口美味的東西,對很多人來說還真是一種掙扎啊...但基本上只要你挑對東西,你在減肥的過程中就可以不用愧對自己的肚皮了。最近我收到了一封郵件,內容則是告訴美女們 7 樣有助於減少脂肪堆積的食物(原文是中文信件):

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1. Bananas – even though it is rather high in calories, it has rather low in fat and full of potassium. It not only is very filling but also helps reducing the building up of fat, especially the lower parts of your body!

香蕉 – 雖然卡路裏很高,但脂肪卻很低,而且含有豐富鉀,又飽肚又低脂,可減少脂肪在下身積聚,是減肥時候的理想食品。

Peeled, whole, and longitudinal section

2. Apples – apples contain malic acid which increases the process of metabolism.

蘋果 – 內含蘋果酸可以加速代謝,減少下身的脂肪! ! !

Česky: Jablka jsou všeamericky úspěšná potravi...

3. Eggs – The contained riboflavin (Vit. B2) is helpful in reducing bodily fat. Plus, thiamine (Vit. B1) as well as niacin (Vit. B3) found in eggs are able to trim slim our hips and legs.

雞蛋 – 禽蛋內的維他命B2有助去除脂肪,除此之外,它蘊含的煙堿酸及維他命B1可以去除下半身的肥肉。


4. Seaweed (Nori) – full of vitamins and minerals that helps to flush toxins and wastes from the body as well as excess of water that’s accumulating around your legs (edema) that makes you look chubby!

紫菜 – 除了含有豐富的維他命A、B1及B2,最重要的就是它蘊含豐富纖維素及礦物質,可以幫助排走身體內之廢物及積聚的水分,從而收瘦腿之效。

Nori, geröstete Blätter aus Algen, die vor all...

5. Pumpkins – According to TCM, it is a wonder vegetable that benefits our internal organs such as stomach and spleen. Its high fibre content is surely needed to lose weight!

南瓜 – 味甘性溫,補養脾臟及胃之元氣,且潤肺及利尿,食用既養身又減肥。

A shot of a pumpkin, focused on its stem.

6. Papayas – they are known for a special enzyme to prevent your body storing extra fat. Papaya pectin also helps to cleanse colon naturally to avoid building up of unwanted wastes in your body.

木瓜 – 含有獨特的蛋白分解酵素,可以清除因吃肉類而積聚在下身的脂肪;木瓜肉所含的果膠更是優良的洗腸劑,可減少廢物在下身積聚。

Papaya - two half fruits of different size

7. Tea – there are many compounds that tea contains that helps to fight the physical absorption of fat, such as theaflavins and thearubigins. Though it only works when you have tea without milk~

– 茶類裡的茶黃素以及茶黃素有去除體內脂肪的作用,不過前提是要單獨喝不能配牛奶唷!

This time it's green tea.

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