A hopeful start / 充滿希望的開始

February 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

After leaving MSN My Space for a couple of years, I decided to come back to blogging to document useful things I have learned and experienced; and also hoping some of my stuff would benefit whoever reads and follows my blog! I would like to keep things personal, and yet wouldn’t mind to put my 2 cents in the world. As I grew up with both Eastern and Western cultures intertwined, I thought to myself: why not keep a bilingual blog? Let’s see where will I take it from here…

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在離開 MSN 的 My Space 網誌的幾年後我又想回到部落格的世界了!一方面方便記錄我這生活中實用又美好的事物,另一方面也希望透過我的經歷能夠啟發或幫助閱讀我文章的網友~算是一種佈施吧 ^^ 基本上這部落格算是為我打造的吧?但是如果也能對這世界分享一些有建設性的點滴那麼其實也很不錯呢~既然從小接受東西文化的薰陶與成長,何不建立一個雙語部落格呢?來看看這趟旅程會通往哪裡吧。。。


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