Use unwanted moisturisers to avoid static electricity on clothing / 用保濕乳液來打擊討厭的靜電!

May 8, 2012 § 8 Comments

Ladies, do you have any unwanted moisturisers, cream, lotions and even gels that you are thinking of throwing into the bin? Don’t! Because they may serve as another useful tip in our life, especially in winter to get rid of static electricity on clothing!

Wearing skirts and stockings can be such a pain because of that. I often feel embarrassed when my skirt is ‘climbing’ up my knees and it’s not a good look that you have to pull down your skirt from time to time, especially when you are walking on the street! People may say why not turn to pants? Well, at times there are occasions where you need to wear a skirt and then you will have to turn to your stockings or leggings to keep you warm.

I have been forwarded an email saying that attach a safety pin at the inner hem of the skirt help preventing static electricity but this only worked about 5 minutes or so and my skirt is tightly attached to my legs again!! A while ago I wore a thicker skirt hoping that the heavier weight would prevent the skirt from climbing up yet this has also proven hopeless. Then I remembered reading something discussing the connection between static electricity and the humidity in the air (and sure enough, I am less bothered by statics on wet days) . Luckily I had an unwanted facial moisturizer in office acting as hand lotion (haha!), so I quickly squeezed a fair amount in my hand, rubbed it straight on my knees and thighs and voila, problem solved!!! And the good news is that it stayed effective for about as long as 4~5 hours!!

You could probably resort this issue to just water yet they evaporate fairly quickly, so the effectiveness did not last as long. But I’d still suggest those who do not have any unwanted moisturisers, why not get an empty spray bottle and fill it with water and carry it with you? This way you’d ensure you have at least something to cope with when the problem occurs, well, temporarily… I’d still favour the moisturisers, yet I will have to say that this may work easier with thinner polyester stockings rather than pantyhose and leggings made with wool or cotton. Less messy when cleaning the garments 😛

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美眉們~ 你們層想過要丟棄已經用不著或是不喜歡的保濕乳液、面霜或是凍膠嗎?千萬不要!!留著它們還有用處呢,好比說用來打擊穿裙子或洋裝時最惹人厭的靜電!!

天氣冷的時候穿裙子又穿褲襪最討厭的就在這裡。每當我的裙子因為靜電而 “往上爬” 的時候都覺得很丟臉,況且在大街上走路還要邊走邊拉裙子真的很不好看!但是在某些場合你不得不穿裙子,而且天氣冷又不得不穿絲襪 >”<


先前我從一封郵件知道了對抗靜電的方法,那就是把安全別針別在裙子內襯的摺邊,這樣可以預防靜電的產生。但沒有用啊!!這方法大約奏效了 5 分鐘之後我的裙子又跟我的絲襪黏在一起了,好討厭啊!!前些天我穿了一件較厚的裙子,還想說可以利用裙子的重量來防止它 “往上爬”,結果我想的太美了… 真是煩到不行!!突然我想到在別的地方讀過靜電與空氣的溼度有關:冬天容易產生靜電是因為空氣比較乾燥,沒有多餘的水分導電(確實!在下雨天穿這樣的組合比較不容易產生靜電)。好在我的辦公室擺著一瓶我用來當手霜的保濕乳液(也是先前覺得不好用的面霜呵~),我趕快擠了一堆塗在我最容易發生靜電的地方:膝蓋!真的是太神了~我之後走路時裙子乖的很,大約有 4、5 個小時都很聽話呢!!

你也可以用水來解決這問題,不過它很快就蒸發了,所以效果應該並沒有預期中的好。如果你真的沒有多餘的乳液的話,其實你也可以拿個空的小噴霧罐,裡頭娤點水隨身帶著走!這樣就可以隨時地 “急救” 囉~ 但我個人還是喜歡用乳液啦!不過我也要註明,用乳液的話適合薄的聚酯纖維絲襪,因為事後比較好清理;至於棉製或毛製的褲襪或緊身褲,或許會比較麻煩喔 ^^”


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