Collections 珍藏

Here’s a page, more of a personal collection really, of the blogs or websites that I came across that are both useful and inspiring. I hoard them here for easy access, but also to share with whoever bumps into my blog 🙂 Since my blog is bilingual, I surely have resources in both English and Chinese!


  • One Cool Site – Everything one needs to know about blogging at WordPress, sometimes this is somewhat better than the WordPress support team as we have a blogger sharing her very own blogging experiences and tips!
  • Viva Woman – A Singaporean beauty blog specializing in natural and organic skin care as well as other DIY goodies. It also has a great focus on health-related issues and advocates for the need to use sunscreen!



  • Natural News –  a non-profit collection of public education websites covering topics that empower individuals to make positive changes in their health, environmental sensitivity, consumer choices and informed skepticism.
  • Photo Sig – A personal interest really! Even though I haven’t studied photography I do love to see beautiful photos and trying to understand a story behind every picture 😛

這一篇算是我的資源收藏吧?!把那些對我來說實用的、具啟發性的以及有趣的部落格和網頁全都收藏到這裡來,感覺好像另類的網路書籤哈!但這不僅讓我個人方便,我也希望能夠把好的東西分享給路過的旅客 ^___^ 既然我寫的是雙語簿洛格,那麼我的收藏裡頭當然有分中文跟英文囉~嘿嘿!


  • 減肥島物語 – 這根本就是個減肥養生天堂!裡面有五花八門的健康減肥方法,水水們絕對不要錯過這樣的好康~


  • 台灣中醫網 – 免費的線上中醫 (也有西醫) 諮詢。也包含許多中西醫師的健康養生以及評論文章。
  • 中華醫藥 (CCTV 中文國際) – 中國電視媒體中唯一一檔向海內外傳播中國傳統醫藥文化的大型電視健康欄目。每週首播一次,時長50分鐘。裡面的內容實在是多采多姿!


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