Copyright Policy / 版權聲明

Please note that all articles, reviews, and watermarked photos are copyrighted to me, and unauthorized use of the text or photo is not allowed. Unauthorized use of content or photos is theft and an infringement of my copyright. I took time and effort to create my work on this blog, hence please do not crop the photo or use it in any way that indicates or implies that it belongs to you. I would cite sources of images I obtained from elsewhere, except for  copyright-cleared photos. As for my own photos I have placed a watermark indicating this is my own work. In addition, I expect you show the same respect to the photos I cited.

All articles or excerpts of my blog should not be used without prior permission having first been obtained, and with permission granted I regard 10% of the content to use is generous. If permission is granted, please provide an attribution link back to my site at [] or to the article itself. Republication of my full blog majority information is EXTREMELY PROHIBITED! The main purpose of my blog is for my own benefit and my personal use; it is also a non-profit website, hence I do not like any part of my articles to be used for commercial purposes.

At the same time, if I have used your link, image or quote an article that belongs to you and that you do not wish to be referred to on this site, please contact me and I will have it removed.

*** Exceptions ***

You can freely use information I obtained from the public domain, where images won’t be cited or watermarked. You are also welcome to use articles that I grant the freedom to distribute, which I will specifically say so at the end of the that particular blog entry.



若沒有事先允許就不能使用我的文章或是摘要;就算獲得許可,取我文章的 10% 也已足夠。另外,當獲得我部分文章的使用權時,請務必引用我的部落格網址 [] 或是該文章本身的網址。重複發表我的整體部落格或是絕大部分的資料是絕對禁止的。這網誌的出發點主要是做為我私人的用途,不是一個營利的網頁,因此我非常不希望看有人利用裡面的內容做為商業用途。


*** 例外***


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