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My Blog: What does it cover?

It has been a while since I wanted to create my own encyclopedia of health and beauty, a vault of valuable information that applies to me. Hence this blog will be mostly about things I relate to, I do, I learned, I believe, I consume to that keep me sane and beautiful, mostly in a natural and pure way; and hopefully many people would benefit from it health-wise. Being healthy, happy and beautiful is a great fortune one could have and yet this could sometimes be difficult to reach. I regard a lot of things very holistically, especially on well-being and beauty. Oh yes, inner beauty is also important!

I sometimes do product reviews based on my experiences from things I purchase or given as a gift; and on rare occasions, a bit of my insight regarding fashion and accessories.

Main features

  1. Any practice on health and well-being that I find useful, especially topics regarding Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
  2. Food ingredients that are beneficial and healthy to our diet, with great focus and ground on vegetarianism.
  3. Natural skin and beauty care tips I have tried and found to be useful. Product reviews are also included!!

*** Note *** This blog is constructed from an Asian’s perspective and experience, therefore some of the stuff I share here may not be applicable to non-Asian readers. Please beart this in mind.


我想要為自己創作一本專門屬於我的健康美容 “百科” 已經想很久囉~ 一個專門收藏適用於我的小撇步的百寶庫!因此這網誌主要是紀錄令我健康亮麗的食衣住行,以崇尚自然的方式為軸心,希望讀者能夠從我的分享中受益。健康、快樂以及變的美麗是人人都想追求的幸福,但是要一直保持可還真不容易!針對很多事是我都是以整體性的觀點去面對,尤其是身心健康與美貌。當然,人不能只有外表,內在美也是很重要的呢!



  1. 任何與健康有關的實用資訊,尤其是中醫的理論或相關主題。
  2. 以素食為基礎,提供能令我們健康有益的食材。
  3. 自然的美容護膚方法;當然是我覺得好用的。另外也會提到天然產品的使用心得喔!

*** 註明 *** 這網誌是透過華人 (也就是我!!) 的感觀及體驗所呈現的,因此我分享的很多東西或許並不適合華人以外的讀者喔!請務必記住 🙂


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